Structures made ​​of steel

– Profiles for solar energy sytems

Profile sections for holding and support systems for solar panels

As a market segment, renewable energies have grown impressively in recent years. Holding and support systems for solar panels from steel offer decisive static, economical and environmental advantages here too. The flexural rigidity and strength of the profile sections are significantly higher compared with aluminium systems. What is more, steel is fully recyclable and requires significantly lower levels of energy for its production.

For this reason, considerably more cost-efficient designs are possible when using cold-rolled steel profile sections. The diverse range of production processes used at Wickeder Profile Walzwerk makes it possible to develop technically optimised and cost-efficient solutions for specific systems in close cooperation with customers.

Overview of profile section properties

  • use of high-quality grades (e.g. zinc-magnesium or aluminium-zinc)
  • material thicknesses up to 8 mm
  • profile section lengths up to 13,000 mm
  • delivered directly to the construction site; just in time